Sheet Cakes

9″x13″ serves 20-24 $33 additional $4 for filling
11″x15″ serves 30-35 $40 additional $5 for filling
12″x18″ serves 40-50 $63 additional $6 for filling
22″x15″ serves 50-60 $75 additional $8 for filling
24″x18″ serves 100-110 $90 additional $12 for filling

Layer Cakes – Prices are for round or square 2-layer cakes

6″ serves 8-10 $20 additional $3 for filling
8″ serves 14-16 $25 additional $3.50 for filling
9″ serves 18-20 $35 additional $4 for filling
10″ serves 20-24 $45 additional $4.50 for filling
12″ serves 30-35 $55 additional $5 for filling
14″ serves 50-55 $60 additional $5.50 for filling
16″ serves 80-90 $75 additional $6 for filling

Wedding Cakes

Because of the many variables involved with wedding cake pricing, including ingredients, complexity of design, location of reception, etc., please call to set up a meeting with me.  We can discuss all the details and I can give you an approximate price at that time and an exact price in a contract which will be mailed to you within a week of our discussion.  My prices are competitive with other local bakers. 

All cakes can be filled with the same buttercream icing as the cake is covered with at no extra charge.  If a different filling is requested, there is a small additional charge.

Cupcake Prices

Cupcakes are $1.50 to $2.50 each depending on the complexity and time involved with decorating each one. I have a collection of cupcake stands that can accommodate from 20 to 100 cupcakes that can be borrowed at no extra charge. A refundable deposit will be collected and returned to you when the stand is returned. I am happy to set up your cupcake display for you at no extra charge.

Cookie Prices

Custom-decorated cookies are $2.50 to $3.50 each depending on size & intricacy of the design. Add $.50 to each cookie if you would like them packaged in a clear cellophane bag with a coordinating ribbon tied in a bow around the top of each one.

Any other variety of cookie including drop cookies or bar cookies can also be ordered. The price for these is from $1.00 to $1.50 per cookie depending on size & cost of ingredients.